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February 27, 2008

Let Me Know if You Need Help Recruiting

There are some big time names circulating around the Sun Devils in both Basketball and Football.  

In basketball…Renardo Sidney, the #1 PF in the nation for the class of 2009,  Jeremy Tyler, a five star center prospect for the class of 2010

In football…Corey Adams and Devon Kennard are two highly regarded defensive linemen from in-town, Justin Chaisson is another top defensive lineman from Nevada

Recruiting seems simple to me…bring them to campus…how can they say no?

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February 21, 2008

Round 2 vs. Washington St.

The Cougars might have given the Devils a shot to the mouth in the final seconds at Wells Fargo Arena the last time these two met, but this time (hopefully) they won’t have the worst referee crew in the nation working the game.  I hate to use the ref excuse, but how do you not call a foul on the last second drive, at home, to win the game, when Harden goes flying to the ground after getting mugged?

 Lets just hope this one is decided by the players and not the officials. 

A few things to watch for: 

  • Ty Abbott – How will he follow up his 30 point game?  Can he stay hot?
  • Jeff Pendergraph – Can he stay out of foul trouble and be a contributor in this one?
  • James Harden – Can he get back on track as a player of the year candid

This is one of those games that could really spring board the Devils into the Tournament spot light.  They already have good wins of the likes of Xavier, Stanford, and Arizona (twice).  Adding Washington St. and USC or UCLA, would put us in a great position to get to the big dance.

February 19, 2008

Best Devils Memory

If you had to pick out your greatest Sun Devil athletics memory, what would it be?

For me, I wasn’t around for the Frank Kush or Ned Wulk eras, so I can’t go back as far as some might. 

I grew up watching the likes of Mario Bennett, Steven Smith, Ron Riley, and Jeremy Veal, but nothing will top watching Eddie House go off for 61 against Cal.  I don’t think he could miss that game.  That was the best single performance I have seen.

My close, second best, memory would have to be Mario Bennett against U of A getting a steal and going in for the reverse dunk.  I think it was Dick Vitale that yelled out, “What did he have in his breakfast cereal?” 

February 18, 2008

Good Recruiting Effort, Bad Game Effort

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It was either a lack of energy or a big win hang-over that took place at Wells Fargo on Saturday afternoon.  I don’t what exactly happen but right before half and the first half of the second half, we looked like we would rather not be playing.  If it wasn’t for Abbott having a career game with 30, we would have lost by the same.  It amazing that Pendergraph can have a game like he had against Arizona last week and Saturday play like he never had before. 

In other news…I saw a post recruiting interview with Sydney’s Dad.  He mentioned that the trip couldn’t have been better.  ASU is said to be the leader for his services in 2009, but his list includes some big time programs.  (Kentucky, Texas, USC, UCLA)

February 15, 2008

First Win Over a Top 10 School in 10 Years

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Rihards Kuksiks and Eric Boateng deserve some big props.  Watching Kuk play last night makes me wonder why he didn’t see the court earlier in the season.   He looked like the missing piece we have been needing.  He matches up size-wise better than Shipp down low, and he give us an outside shot that we desperately have needed.   Also, how about that board by Boateng?  I didn’t know he had it in him.

With that said, Harden quietly did it again.  What more can you say about the youngest player in the Pac-10?  He deserves all the praise that the national media can give him. 

Can a home sweep of Cal and Stanford be in the crystal ball?  I sure like our chances. 

February 13, 2008

A Full Team Effort is Needed

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I just read an article that said Harden is still battling the flu bug.  Can we get this kid some meds already? 

If Harden isn’t going to be at full strength again this game, we are going to need another outstanding performance from Pendergraph and Glasser.  Not to mention a few shots need to fall for the struggling shooters, Shipp and Abbott. 

We just need to split the rest of the way through the Pac.  Then we need to win at least one game in the Pac-10 Tournament.  That will sit us at a 20 win season and make it hard for the NCAA Selection Committee to pass on the Devils.  We can make it even harder if we can get a quality win, like tomorrow against #7 Stanford. 

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