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March 18, 2008


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March 14, 2008

Pat Tillman, an ASU Hero, on College Hall of Fame Ballot

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The Associated Press reported, “The late Pat Tillman, a former Arizona State linebacker who gave up a professional football career to join the military, is among 19 players up for election to the College Football Hall of Fame for the first time this year.”

This is quite an honor for the local hero.  Tillman’s Sun Devils career was one of heart.  The undersized linebacker was a beast on defense and lead the Devils to the Rose Bowl in 1997.     

I’m sure we have all heard the story by now about Pat turning down NFL money to enlist in the Army.  From all the stories I’ve heard about this man, there is no one more fitting to be a Hall of Famer.  Watching him play was a treat for all Sun Devil Fans.  He is one former Sun Devil athlete that will never be forgotten.


March 13, 2008

Pac-10 Officiating Needs to be Reviewed

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This game between USC and ASU was decided by one bad call. 

Go figure, all the USC fans are thinking its justice for the last meeting in Tempe when ASU was given several more calls than USC was.  This time is a little different.  The refs just decided to pop ASU’s bubble hopes on a phantom  over the back call.  I sure hope the voters get to look at the tape and determine this one wasn’t really a loss. 

I sure hope this off-season that the Pac-10 focuses on the terrible officiating.  Way too many games were decided by whistles and not players. 

March 12, 2008

Validating a Season of Surprise

Devils v Trojans, for a shot at the tournament and validating a season of surprise.  If the Devils can pull out this monumental victory over USC, it will definitely symbolize the changing of the guard here in Arizona.  The magnitude will be doubled if U of A happens to not get in the NCAA Tournament for the first time in basically forever. 

What would the effect be for the Devils?  Can you imagine all the big time prospects of the past, such as Mike Bibby, Sean Elliott, Andre Iguidala, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, ect…, snubbing the U of A for a chance to don the maroon and gold of Arizona State?  Wouldn’t that be a site.  And just think…Jarryd Bayless did give the Devils a thought before he re-committed to the Wildcats.  We can make that a big regret with an ASU win over USC and a Uof A loss.  The change has already started by the Devils sweeping the new mild-cats this year in just about everything! 

I don’t know how I’m going to sneak off and watch the game tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll find a way.

March 11, 2008

Excitement In The Air

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Maybe its just because the basketball season is starting to come to an end, but I can’t wait for college football!  I’ve never been so excited for a season to start up.  This year has so much promise and yet plenty of uncertainty. 

It also might have something to do with getting season tickets with a group of friends.  The tailgate party can’t start soon enough! 

Thirdly, I can’t wait to see the home opener against NAU.  I love watching the Devils beat up on weaker opponents.  Plus, that gets us a week closer to the match-up against #1 Georgia.  I already feel the tension rising. 

Anyone else jacked up for football?

March 10, 2008

Are We In Yet?

Saturday’s victory over Oregon State has put the Devils right on the bubble to get into the NCAA Tournament.  It was a historic afternoon for the Beavers who finished of the Pac-10 regular season without a single conference win.  It was a career night for two different Devils, McMillen and Boateng both had career highs in points.  All in all, it was a must win and they got it done. 

Now turning ahead to the Pac-10 Tournament, ASU will face off against USC on Thursday.  Here is the rematch for all the Trojan whiners.  Last meeting the USC thugs hacked the Devils up and down the court then cried about the difference in the number of fouls called on each team.  I hope ASU goes into this game, that is basically a home game for the Trojans, with the same game plan of attacking the hoop and making the officials give us the calls. 

One win, according to ESPN, is all the Devils need to have their place locked up in the NCAA Tournament.  I’d like to think they are already in, but one more would give us 20 wins on the year and beef up our resume.  I’ve never been so jacked about March Madness as this year. 

March 7, 2008

Oregon State Has a Fitting Name

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I just received a comment that stated Oregon St. has three conference wins in the last two years, and two of the three wins are against ASU. 

I can’t imagine ASU not pulling this one off.  Oregon State is really bad this year.  Not to mention, ASU is playing the best they have in a decade.  With this victory the Devils should sail on into the NCAA Tournament with something to prove.  Just like this doubter above, they have some convincing to do to the voters and the national public. 

What a great time to be a Devil’s fan!  How are those Beavers again?

March 6, 2008

Quack Off Oregon

Now that the USC fans are finally about done crying about the officiating, it time to hit the hardwood once again.  Tonight the Devils have the first of two in Oregon.  The Ducks are easily beatable and this game falls under the should win category for ASU, but you can never rule out a team, playing at home, at the end of a season, with NCAA Tournament hopes.  The Devils can basically clinch a spot in the big dance with a win tonight, while the Ducks need to capture the voters attention with a sweep this weekend and a run in the Pac-10 Tournament. 

 Devils’ Keys to the Game:  Get Pendergraph involved early…the longer it takes to get him going, the less likely he will contribute.  Harden, Harden, and Harden…can we get him to take more shots this game?  He rarely shoots more than he has to, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see him take 15 to 18 shots tonight.  Lastly, get someone else to contribute from the outside…I don’t care who it is.  It could be Glasser, Abbott, Kuksiks, Shipp, McMillen, or Polk, just someone needs to be the third option and sink a few open shots. 

I still can’t believe this one isn’t on TV in Arizona. 

March 5, 2008

March Madness Awaits

According to – Bracketology, currently the Devils are slotted as the 10 seed in the west facing off against BYU.  A second round match-up against Kansas awaits them next.  If the miracle on ice repeats itself, but with ASU and a basketball, they would then likely face off against the likes of Georgetown or Clemson.  Following two upsets, Cinderella, aka the Sun Devils, would have a rematch shot at UCLA.  Why stop there?  I might be dreaming by now, but the Final Four match-up would slot the Devils in a showdown with one of either Memphis, Texas, or Wisconsin, who headline the South region.  On to the championship I say…lets see…there is Duke, Tennessee, North Carolina and perhaps Xavier.  Wait a tick, didn’t we already handle them quite easily this year?

My point is that ASU is tested and primed to make a historic run.  Why not the Devils?  It all starts with a couple wins this weekend in Oregon to ensure not just a spot in the NCAA tournament, but a seed that elevates our chances of making the “Run heard ’round the world.” (or so I will call it)

March 4, 2008

Latest College Baseball Poll

Get on the bandwagon now!  This Sun Devils baseball team may be one of the best ever.  With the likes of POY candidate Brett Wallace leading the way offensively, there is no stopping ASU.   I can’t wait for Omaha and the College World Series.

The first regular-season USA TODAY/ESPN Top 25 baseball coaches’ poll, with RECORDS THROUGH SUNDAY, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th, ranking in the preseason poll (Jan. 25) and first-place votes received:

1. Arizona State (7-0)…765…1…25

2. North Carolina (7-1)…689…2…0

3. Arizona (5-1)…676…5…2

4. Mississippi (8-0)…670…8…4

5. South Carolina (5-1)…604…3…0

6. Miami (Fla.) (5-1)…521…14…0

7. Rice (6-2)…498…4…0

8. Florida State (7-0)…486…12…0

9. Long Beach State (5-2)…468…19…0

10. Texas (6-2)…456…7…0

11. Vanderbilt (5-2)…422…6…0

12. UCLA (5-1)…419…17…0

13. Missouri (6-2)…401…13…0

14. Virginia (10-0)…379…20…0

15. Baylor (7-0)…339…24…0

16. UC-Irvine (7-0)…284…22…0

17. Clemson (5-2)…219…16…0

18. Kentucky (9-0)…186…not ranked…0

19. Wichita State (3-3)…176…10…0

20. Oregon State (3-3)…171…11…0

21. San Diego (5-4)…152…9…0

22. Oklahoma State (7-1)…149…not ranked…0

23. Texas A&M (7-2)…114…21…0

24. Michigan (4-3)…111…18…0

25. Stanford (6-2)…104…not ranked…0

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