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February 25, 2008

Devils Get the “Must Win” Game Saturday

I felt going into Saturday’s game, that the Devils had to win in order to stay alive with the NCAA Tournament committee.  Not only did they win, but they looked good doing it.  It has been a while since the Devils have had a nice convincing win. 

As I have said all year, when the outside shots fall, we are one tough team to beat.  Glasser, Abbott, Kuk, and Shipp got it going against the Huskies.  We can always count on Harden putting up some numbers.  Pendergraph has been hit and miss this year, so the focus going into the last four games has to be the outside shot. 

Next on the list of big time upsets for the Devils, UCLA.  Thursday at home is a game that can put us into an elite category in terms of big time wins against top tier opponents.  It might be a long shot in wishing for a win like that.  Then Saturday the Devils will host USC before finishing up the Pac-10 with the Oregon schools. 

Just two out of the next four should stamp our resume into the NCAA tournament.  Regardless of what happens, Herb has done a masterful job with this team and has put Sun Devil basketball back on the map.


February 22, 2008

Shots Still Aren’t Falling

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Once again, the shots just won’t fall.  You have to give credit to Washington St.  They put on a great defensive show.  Holding any team to 47 points will usually equate into a win. 

Did anyone else notice Pendergraph stepping further, and further away from the basket?  I know he has a little range, but do we really need him shooting 20 footers?  I don’t know how a man of his size still hasn’t picked up on any low post moves. 

We were in it most of the way, but not having a low post presence and turnovers kept us from ever really having a shot at winning. 

Now our season might rest on Saturday night’s game against Washington, who is coming off of an upset win over Arizona.  And once again, in order to win, we have to find an outside side and have an low post presence.   

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